Improving your employability through APM and Prince Training

project management article


Effective project managers who can cope with the complex demands of project management are always highly sought after within successful businesses. Trained and qualified project managers who have attended APM and PRINCE2 courses, and who are experienced and accomplished in project management, are crucial to the success of any project whatever its shape or size.

If you are an ambitious project manager looking to climb the career ladder then becoming an expert with either APM or PRINCE2 is a good option to ensure your continued employability. There are many career boosting advantages to achieving accreditation, see below for our top four:-

1. World class qualifications

Both these qualifications are recognised throughout the world as the industry standard in project management accreditation. This means that your skills are portable and so you can work in as many different countries as you choose. If you opt to carve your career out in the UK these qualifications are just as valuable, as world class qualifications can lead to world class performance, and this is what every company is looking for.

2. Recognition of your skills

Achieving accreditation in APM and/or PRINCE2 demonstrates to existing and potential employers, customers and suppliers that you are a skilled and committed project management professional. Having an industry standard qualification proves that you can do what you say you can do and positions you as a more credible and successful professional to employers.

3. Advantage over competition

An increasing number of employers are looking to recruit project managers who are properly qualified as well as experienced. As a project manager, you are a much more viable option when going for promotion or applying for a new job if you have achieved accreditation and qualifications. In our highly competitive business world you need every advantage you can get over the competition to secure that perfect role and these qualifications will give you that edge.

4. Cutting edge knowledge and skills

If you want to take your project management expertise to the next level you need to acquire the latest knowledge and skills. As the leading providers in project management tools, APM and PRINCE2 training courses deliver the most relevant, up-to-date and essential project management learning so that you can increase your capability in this area.

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