L&D on the Road – Welcome to Lucy’s Kitbag

Survival kitbag

Back in September 2015 TLD were on the lookout for a new consultant to join the team. After searching far and wide we met Lucy Finney and discovered a mutual love of all things development. Lucy thankfully agreed to join the team and has already been sharing her amazing insight with us, and our customers. Having worked in the Army, been awarded an MBE for her services and supported a number of well-known organisations in transforming their business, Lucy has a fascinating background, one which she is keen to share, and what better platform than an L&D blog? The life of a consultant is often spent on the road, so while she is out and about meeting new customers, Lucy will be blogging about her experiences; both from her past and what she learns with and from our customers. To kick off we hear a bit from Lucy about her past and why she’s so excited to be writing this blog.

Lucy’s Kitbag – Episode One

So here I am sitting in Terminal 5 at Heathrow waiting to go to Bucharest in Romania, at 6am on a cold winter morning – another business trip alone.  Who am I? I am Lucy Finney a Learning and Development Consultant for TLD. Does that tell you anything?  No I didn’t think so.  I spend a lot of time travelling the country and the world, visiting TLD Customers and helping them understand how to move forward in their lives, careers and business.  Learning is my passion. I spend many hours in airports, harbours and on trains and motorways, I get to go to interesting places and every day, I learn more about learning. 

Recently since joining TLD, I have definitely found the ‘wow’ factor through my work.  So I thought I’d make use of the hours I spend on the move and waiting for some mode of transport, and take you on my journey with me.  I am learning so much on my travels that I thought it should be shared with our readers.

So as our TLD marketing team would say – ‘like and share’ and that is what I am going to do over this series of blogs. But first a little bit about me…  I have over 30 years of L&D experience, I grew up in Northern Ireland, have had a full career in the Army and 10 years as a consultant; so many stories and lots of lessons learnt so far – what has worked, what has not…I want to share this with you.  This will appear in my blogs e.g. what did I learn from the troubles in Northern Ireland, what did I learn from serving in the Balkans, Africa, USA, and what did I learn when working with the Fire and Rescue Services, the NHS, Research Organisations, Government and Defence? I will be drawing on this learning, and more, in the coming blogs.

I have delivered a lot of learning from online, to classroom, to m-learning to coaching and so it goes on, but what ‘wows’ me today?  I intend to reveal this as I blog and go, and discuss what are our customers are asking us about…watch this space. Finally I want to hear from you, so please read and interact with the blogs, this is a big world, we are all connected and together we can ‘like and share’ our experiences. 

So for now I must go…my plane to Bucharest awaits.  It’s good to keep moving and keep learning…I wonder what lies ahead?