Lighting the Fuse – The First Deltek Acumen Fuse Course is a Huge Hit

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Earlier this year TLD announced its exciting new partnership with Deltek, the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for project-based businesses. As the only officially accredited partner for their Acumen Fuse product, TLD are keen to help support businesses in better understanding and utilising the tool, to enable improved analysis of project plans and consequently better project outcomes. We recently kicked off our new training capability with a two day event for the ground transportation department within Thales, offering an overview and detailed instruction on how to use the tool most effectively and sharing best practice within the context of the business and the department.

Using the Deltek framework and their existing virtual course as the foundation, these were adapted for a classroom based session, utilising a number of interactive exercises to help bring the tool to life in a classroom environment. The training fused together Deltek’s knowledge of the tool and experience in teaching it virtually, with TLD’s expertise in terms of learning design, ensuring a high quality training programme, that fit the needs of those using the tool, was developed. The training was flexed throughout the session to meet the specific needs of the audience, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and make sure each individual understood how to use the tool in their unique role.

All delegates in attendance were pleased with the session, describing it as intensive, but enjoyable, with well delivered and helpful material. The attendees also appreciated having the opportunity to use the tool themselves and get some hands-on experience in the safety of the training environment.

“The course covered a lot of material, but its interactive nature and pacing ensured it was challenging without being overwhelming. Fuse is undoubtedly a powerful tool and I look forward to working with our community to draw on its potential” Shehbaz Ali, Head of Project Controls and Assurance.

As Nicky Fathers, trainer for the course said: as soon as we started and even from the first exercise positive comments were being made along the lines of ‘wow I knew Fuse could do so much more than what we have been using the tool for so far.’ During the course there were discussions about how they could use the tool going forward which is something I love to witness as a trainer.”

From Nicky’s point of view, running a brand new course is always an exhilarating experience, but also one that prompts reflection: “My experience running the course was also a positive one, I was overwhelmed by how well received the course was; the delegates were so attentive, inquisitive and were keen to explore the tool if they had finished the exercise earlier than others. One of the highlights for me was the review on the morning of day two. Rather than me standing up the front asking questions I got them to split into two teams and come up with questions (quiz style) for the other team. This got them thinking about what they had learned the day before and further positive comments were made about how much they had actually taken in.”

With many companies employing Acumen Fuse to assess the validity and feasibility of their project plans, knowing how to use the tool properly is vital if you’re to benefit from the output. TLD are excited to be a key point of support for any businesses looking to up-skill their employees in this area, and are passionate about ensuring project professionals are fully competent in not only the tools they use, but that they also have the opportunity to develop their behavioural competencies to allow for successful project outcomes.