The Learning Challenge – Rachel Kay & Tobias Kiefer at Learning Technologies 2017

Inspirational Leadership

At the beginning of February our MD, Rachel Kay, was invited to speak at the annual Learning Technologies conference; one of the most well regarded events in the L&D calendar.  Taking to the stage alongside Tobias Kiefer, Global Learning Leader at EY, they explore the ‘Learning Challenge’, each looking at a different aspect of this topic.  Tobias explored what the future of learning will look like for L&D teams looking at issues such as:

  • Creating an effective learning ecosystem
  • Using our increased knowledge of how we learn
  • Balancing top-down and bottom-up approaches
  • What we must learn in the future (it may not be what you expect)
  • The technologies to support future learning

And Rachel considered what the role of the learner in the future will look like, asking questions around:

  • Is it ok to expect that learning be done outside office hours?
  • Can you track this learning? Should you?
  • Will learning become consumer led? If so, what are the implications?
  • Is ‘lifelong learning’ a behaviour or attitude?
  • Where are the boundaries and benefits of professional and personal development?

You can watch their talk below: