March’s Top Five IT Questions of the Month

IT Questions

Welcome to the March edition of our monthly IT blog. Each month we answer some of the most common questions our trainers get asked, and offer some simple ways to help make your life easier when working with common computer programs.

1. On an Excel Pivot table how do you sort data in size order?

A: Use the sort button on any of the numbers in the list you want to sort on.

2. In Word how do I know which section I am in?

A: If you have used section breaks you can view the section you are currently working on in the status bar (found at the bottom of Word). You can customise the status bar to include section breaks by right clicking on the status bar and turning on SECTION.

3. In Visio is there a nice easy way to connect shapes within a flow chart?

A: Visio 2010 and 2013 have the option to use auto connect. To set this up, click on the view tab and ensure auto connect is ticked. Once you add a shape to your flow chart, hovering over this will bring up blue arrows. Hovering over the blue arrows brings up a series of shapes which allows you to choose which once you require, automatically connecting to it once you add it.

4. How can I edit a PDF file?

A: Portable Document Format (PDF) files are an output from what might be called “authoring” applications such as Word and Excel. Think of it as a soft version of what you might have, in the past, printed out in hard copy. Some applications will allow you to make modifications to a PDF file, such as Adobe Acrobat Professional and the latest versions of Microsoft Word but even these will not provide you with full functionality. In many cases a significant amount of time will be spent on formatting and layout which would normally be automatic. Editing is best carried out in the originating application and the PDF regenerated from here.

5. How do I assign a macro button to the ribbon or quick access toolbar?

A: Right click on the ribbon and select CUSTOMIZE THE RIBBON

  1. Click on NEW TAB and give your new tab a name (e.g. My Macros).
  2. Add a NEW GROUP and name that too.
  3. On the left side of the window, go to the CHOOSE COMMANDS FROM drop down box and select MACROS. Find the macro you want to add, click to select it and then click on the ADD button to add an icon to your new group and click OK to confirm.

Adding buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is similar. Right click on the QAT and select CUSTOMIZE QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR. Do step 3 above but this time it will add it to the QAT rather than your group.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this month’s blog and that the tips we’ve offered will come in handy whether you’re at work or at home. As ever, if there is anything you want to ask, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.