The one key trick your sales team may be missing

Good sales team

Pretty much all businesses have a sales team of some sort, and if they are utilised wisely, they can be one of the biggest positive influences in terms of driving the business forward and contributing to profitability.  But is there a quick way to know if your sales department is going to be successful?  Or are there any simple steps to help improve outcomes?  There certainly are, but before we get into that you might want to consider the following questions:

  1. Do the people on your team have a genuine interest in the product you’re selling?
  2. Do your team aim to form a relationship with their customers ahead of selling to them?
  3. Do you really, truly listen to your customers and ask questions to explore their needs?
  4. Do you always make sure to check your understanding of what they’ve asked for?
  5. Do you give them ‘mini-solutions’ to demonstrate how your service can match their need?

Did you answer no to a few of those?  Then here’s your Bonus Question: What is the one key trick your sales team might be missing?

Answer: Really listening to your customers and proving you understand their needs

And how can you tell if your sales team are going to be successful/what can you do to improve outcomes?

Answer: Make sure you are doing all of the above (at minimum)

Making a sale doesn’t have to be complicated, all it takes are well-placed questions, asked well and answered simply.

Remember: If your product or solution cannot meet a need, don’t sell it – it may be your last sale with that customer!