New Website Press Release

new website

We are pleased to announce that on 26th April 2016 our updated website successfully went live. The updates incorporate a number of new products and services we are now able to offer to our customers, including our specialist Consultancy Services and our new Discovery Centre facility, while reflecting our new vision and mission as we move forward.

While we remain dedicated to the provision of high-quality open programmes for our customers, we are passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve more, and we believe that in order to do this we need to go deeper, explore further and have more insightful conversations with our customers. This is what our Consultancy services offer; a collaborative, curiosity-driven approach to organisational development. Combining this with our existing capability to design and deliver highly original and bespoke learning events, and our new Discovery Centre which offers a facilitative environment to manage complex problems and achieve real change, we believe we have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to support businesses achieve the success they deserve.

Traditionally viewed as a ‘bums on seats’ training provider, TLD has gradually been shaping itself into a professional services consultancy, utilising our L&D experience to help spearhead more dramatic change within organisations. Valued for our bespoke and innovative approach to professional development, which to-date includes the use of equine guided learning, rock schools and zombie apocalypse events in their programmes, TLD are experts in creating engaging and impactful development programmes.

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