Project-Management-Blog-ImageOver the last decade or so the project management profession has evolved as projects have become a more significant part of organisations in our complex and fast-changing business environments. Regardless of the industry sector, project management is a useful discipline to employ whenever an organisation needs to look at implementing, improving or developing a solution to identified needs.

Project management started to be used in the 1960’s as businesses began to recognise the benefits of planning work activities more thoroughly, communicating more effectively and collaborating with different departments and companies. Projects were typically time bound and had a beginning a middle and an end. Nowadays, although many projects still adhere to this definition, many others are on-going and cyclical in their nature.

Project management has been used widely in the construction industry where it has been proved beneficial to have a project team that is specifically focused on understanding customer requirements and can, therefore, deliver on those requirements within an agreed upon budget and timescale.

However, project management is equally advantageous within other sectors, such as services, to manage very large, complex projects which encompass the integration of multiple work products.

Some of the most project intensive sectors such as manufacturing and construction have discovered that using approaches such as PRINCE2® and tools such as Primavera, combined with the professional competence frameworks supported by qualifications from the Association for Project Management (APM) have been massively beneficial in a variety of business environments. For an introduction to Primavera, read the first issue of Enhance magazine from Thales L&D.

Latest research conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) estimates that 15.7 million project management positions will have been created worldwide before the end of this decade. It cites the seven highest project-intensive industries as: construction, finance, insurance, information systems, utilities, oil & gas and manufacturing. Clearly project management is an integral part of most business operations, and is becoming more prevalent within the service industry.

The benefits of great project management are numerous but organisations who fail to develop exceptional project managers are putting themselves at a disadvantage. Project management is serious profession that needs a professional approach to managing and delivering projects and this can only be achieved by delivering a programme of continuous development.

Thales Learning & Development provides a range of state of the art project management courses including accredited PRINCE2®, APM training and Primavera courses. These courses are designed to get you up to speed with the latest industry thinking and equip you the highest level of skill in order to turbo boost your project management career. Please call us on 0800 138 7640 for more information.