That’s a Wrap – The Final Round-up from the Lake District

apprentices working together

The apprentices’ week with the Outward Bound Trust has come to an end and everyone is settling back into their normal working environments once again, but the experiences of last week will likely not be forgotten any time soon.  It was an inspirational week for everyone involved; the apprentices have learnt a great deal about themselves and the infinite potential they have to offer, they have reported feeling more confident, more capable and better prepared to succeed in their workplace.  But what have others observed?  With a week that had visits from line managers, the training team, and even the CEO, the apprentices had many external observers, so we asked what changes they noticed in the group and what impact has the week had on them?

Here’s some of the feedback we got:

Victor Chavez – CEO of Thales UK “It’s really important to us all that we create an environment where you [the apprentices] can fulfil your potential.  This course creates a unique environment; it’s about core values under stress, and one of the nice things that has come through is that the challenges are personal.  But that discomfort [you feel] turns into a sense of achievement, and I think that’s been palpable this week.”

apprentices ropesRachel Allen – Head of Resources, Thales Learning and Development “The attitude of the apprentices was truly inspirational”

Paul Scott – Services Capability Manager, Thales Transport and Security “It is  a really worthwhile experience and probably one of the best events that Thales supports,  it gives you a real sense of achievement and trust, the scenery is breath-taking and every individual leaves learning something about themselves, me included”

Mark Eagle – Management and Leadership Consultant, Thales Learning and Development “The changes I’ve noticed have been them pulling together, and really appreciating the strengths that each person has to offer, and the whole growth of the individuals and of the team spirit has been significantly noticeable over the last five days”

Nick Rex – Manufacturing Cell Manager, Maritime Mission Systems “I was very impressed with the Outward Bound Trust in Eskdale, in the conduct of the apprentices and also in the way they tackled all the tasks given to them. I found the way the instructors used the outdoor activities to drive home what the key messages were in each of the tasks, e.g. communication, active listening or the need for good strong leadership, excellent and was also impressed with how they made the links as to how all of these are relevant to the workplace”

 Nick Jordan – Management and Leadership Consultant, TLD and organiser of the Outward Bound Apprentice Programme for Thales UK “It’s been amazing, absolutely fantastic.  I think we’re in fantastic hands, due to the absolute talent and brilliance in this group.”

Steve Fenn – Signalling Apprentice Manager, Thales Rail Signalling Solutions “It was a great experience seeing the future engineers/managers developing new skills and building confidence whilst being challenged in typical unpredictable British weather in the wonderful Lake District.”

 Jon Keen – Course Director at The Outward Bound Trust for the Thales UK Apprentice Programme “Everyone is taking a bit more of themselves back to the workplace”

Trevor Rolfe – General Manager, Ground Transportation Systems “I found it really encouraging how both teams I interacted with understood how much more powerful they were as a team and how they understood almost intuitively who was best at which task, taking into account anyone’s fears and apprehension. It was also interesting that all the people with fears of heights etc. felt they could challenge those fears with the team at their side”

Thanks to the wonderful attitude of the apprentices during the week, and the input of the Outward Bound Trust, it seems that the apprentices won’t be the only people to remember this adventure.

If you’d like to learn more about the value of apprenticeships, read the cover story in Enhance issue 2.

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