Thrive Episode 5 – Getting Ready for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

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Plans are in full swing here at Thales Learning and Development for Mental Health Awareness Week which is happening from May 8th to 14th this year. The health and wellbeing of our brilliant and hardworking team is essential to their happiness, productivity and effectiveness, and therefore it’s important to us. Although we run activities all year round to support people in being the best they can be, we like to use Mental Health Awareness Week to really focus our attention on how we keep ourselves mentally and emotionally healthy.

This year we’ve got a schedule that involves a week of interactive and interesting bitesize workshops covering a variety of topics, from developing our own emotional resilience, to reducing the stigma attached to mental health and knowing how to start a conversation with someone you think might be struggling. 

We’ll also be taking 10 minutes every day to focus our attention on a technique for developing emotional wellbeing including some mindfulness, a desk yoga session and learning how to make gratitude our attitude.

We like to approach wellbeing from four important angles here at TLD – physical, emotional, mental and purposeful.  To give us a sense of purpose we’re going to take on a physical challenge as a team and strive to meet our goal over the week.  That hits the physical and purposeful sides of resilience really, but food is important to us so we’re going to share healthy recipes during the week and we’ll share photos with you as we explore our own gastronomic abilities – you have been warned!

wellbeing pillarsYou don’t need to wait for a national event like Mental Health Awareness Week to do something about mental or emotional health in your organisation.  With 1 in 6 people suffering from poor mental health at some point in their working lives and more of us dealing with stressful work and family situations than ever before, the financial cost of mental health to your business is now well over £1000 per employee.  There are some fantastic case studies from large organisations such as EDF and BT showing that with some simple interventions, such as raising awareness of mental health issues, developing resilience in the workforce and teaching managers how to have a conversation about mental or emotional health, you can reduce the financial impact on your business by around 30%.  And don’t stress out about it because we can help you with everything you need to create a more mentally healthy workplace full of resilient people.  If you’d like to talk to us about exactly what that might be then get in touch.   

If we’ve spurred you to do something in your business for Mental Health Awareness Week then download your free DIY Thrive Kit* which gives you all the ideas and resources you need to run a series of events in your own organisation.

mental-healthCan you really afford not to put your employees mental health at the forefront of your strategy for success?

*Your free thrive kit contains an example timetable, links to resources, ideas for activities and a sample of our ‘just one things’ – inspirational images you can send out to help encourage people to do ‘just one thing’ for their wellbeing.  To download your kit, please fill in your details below.  We promise your details will NOT be used for sales or marketing purposes – we just want to make sure the bots aren’t spamming us! If you would like to receive further information or have any questions, please contact

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