TLD customer day – ‘a strategic and consultative approach to L&D’

Customer Day

2015 is well under way, and we have already been designing and delivering some really exciting learning interventions and continuing to improve our fully bespoke ‘Evolve’ offering. On March 31st, we want to open our doors to you, our customers, so we can show you first-hand what we’ve been doing, and what we’ll be doing in future.

This is not just about showcasing our services, however – there will be plenty of value for you to take away from the day. Those of you who attended one of our previous customer days will be aware that we do not simply regurgitate information or give you the ‘hard sell’ while plying you with a free lunch. The day is highly interactive, and designed to provide you with real actions you can take back to the workplace.

For this customer day, the focus will be on taking a strategic and consultative approach to L&D.

The morning session

In the morning, we will be focussing on programme management and intelligent outsourcing. Before you decide on which programmes to run, how, what to outsource, or what not to outsource, you first need to take a good look at your organisation – what are your drivers? Where is the need? What is your overall strategy?

Once you have a deep understanding of all these factors, you can start to build a bespoke solution that reflects genuine business needs. That’s what this session is all about.


We will, of course, be providing a lovely lunch buffet, but the lunch session is also an opportunity to network with fellow L&D professionals across a breadth of industries and find out what other organisations are doing from a learning point of view.

The atmosphere over lunch is generally quite chatty and relaxed, with plenty of time to introduce yourself to people from a huge range of backgrounds, perhaps even making some new contacts along the way.

The afternoon session

After lunch, we’ll be taking a look at organisational health, splitting people into facilitated groups to discuss how emotional wellbeing can impact a business. We will look at everything from mindfulness to coaching, including a consulting session where we will give you tailored tips on improving the ‘health score’ of your team.

We will also be showcasing some ‘mind-clearing’ techniques that you can take back to the workplace. You can use the techniques yourself, of course, but they are also great to share with your colleagues and teams, particularly as there is a lot of buzz around workplace emotional health at the moment.


For those of you who are particularly busy (that’s everyone, then!), you are more than welcome to use our facilities before and after the session, connect to our Wi-Fi, and even make use of our new ‘quiet’ room.

If you are interested in finding out more about the customer day, or you would like to book yourself a place, get in touch today. You can reach us by phone on 0800 084 1612, or email via

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

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