TLD News – IT & Business Systems Re-branded as Technical & Digital Learning Solutions


Move over IT & Business Systems, Technical & Digital Learning Solutions has landed!

At TLD we love change.  To us change equals growth, and growth equals progress and new learning opportunities; and we don’t just love it when we get to facilitate change for our customers, we also love it when we get to propel change and growth within our own team too.  While there are always little changes taking place to develop our business, and better support our customers, one of the biggest changes we’re proud to announce is the re-branding of our IT & Business Systems capability, who are now our Technical & Digital Learning Solutions Team. 

We all know that technology has advanced far beyond what many of us know as ‘IT & Business Systems’, and we want our L&D services fully reflect this.  We want to ensure we are able to provide our customers with the full host of skills, expertise and knowledge that they need in today’s technology focussed world.  And so the Technical & Digital Learning Solutions Team was born. 

The team have all the experience and expertise to offer support on the traditional software such as Microsoft applications and Oracle Systems, but they also have the knowledge required to meet the challenges of the modern technological world.  Whether this means designing and developing eLearning and other digital learning resources, supporting the roll-out of a new bespoke business system, or offering support on the very latest tools such as Deltek Acumen Fuse; our Technical & Digital Learning Consultants are committed to providing a full complement of support, advice and guidance.  We’re really excited to be able to support our customers in a new way, offering a much more consultative approach.  Our aim is to really help you and your employees get the most out of your business systems and ensure you gain the competitive advantage you need to succeed. 

We recently celebrated this re-brand with a special launch event which included quizzes, games, eLearning demos, design-an-app competitions, and the chance to ask questions of the team and learn all about what they do.  Oh, and there was cake, of course!  Check out pictures of the day below:

TDLS launch