May’s Top IT Questions of the Month

IT questions

We are fortunate here at TLD to have some of the best minds in IT Training and Consultancy, and whether you’ve undertaken an IT training course with us or not, we want to be able to help everyone get the most from technology at work (and at home).  This is why each month we get our consultants to answer some of the most frequently asked IT questions for us.  This month we cover some common roadblocks encountered when using Excel and Word.

1. How do I best fit data in an Excel column?

A: Double click the column edge in the header area

2. In Word how do I get different headers and footers on different pages? Every time I change one page it changes the rest, very frustrating!

A: You need to use section breaks, you can only have different headers and footers in different sections. Section breaks can be found in the ‘page layout’ tab under ‘breaks.

3. In Excel, how can I show which quarter a date falls into?

A: It is surprising that there is no Excel Function for this. It can however be done by means of a formula. If your requirement is for calendar quarters then create a formula that rounds up to zero decimal places the month of the date divided by 3. If you need customised quarters because your business regards April, May and June as “Quarter 1” then you will need a formula that uses nested IF functions to test the month value of a date and return the required quarter number.

4. Is there a quick way to create a border in Excel?

A: Select the cells you want a border in and then use CTL+Shift+& – much quicker than using the tabs for simple borders.

5. I don’t seem to have the Personal Macro Project by default.

A: As soon as you record a macro in the Personal Macro workbook it appears.