Top IT Questions of the Month

IT questions

In this month’s blog our expert IT Consultants give us some top tips on how to use Excel more effectively, looking at formulas, Pivot Table Reports and handy shortcuts.

1. How do I copy a formula to other rows?

A: Use the Autofill handle on the bottom right of a cell and drag down to other rows.

2. Can I create a list of dates that just include working days?

A: Yes, enter the first date into one cell, use the right mouse button and drag the fill handle, to where you want to finish, once you release the mouse button it will ask what you want to fill and one of the options is Workdays.

3. I need to mark up prices on thousands of rows of data by 25%. How can I do this quickly?

A: Type 1.25 in an empty cell and copy it. Highlight all the cells you want to add 25% to and go to paste Special and select MULTIPLY. Done.

4. What is the shortcut to remove ####### in Excel?

A: Alt, o, c, a

5. Why do I need an Excel Pivot Table Report?

A: It’s a strange name but a really useful tool for summarising lists of data. Sorting and filtering lists in Excel is powerful however Pivot Table Reports are super powerful. Any number of Pivot Table Reports can be produced from a data list and Excel provides the tools to make this easy and quick. Custom formatting can be applied and graphs created. For those using Excel 2010 and above the “Slicer” tool provides buttons within the report for filtering the report output in a variety of ways. Anyone can learn how to create Pivot Table Reports, it is not advanced Excel!

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