Top Results for Inaugural Thales UK Project Planning and Control Cohort


With growing concerns about skills gaps in the project management sphere, and the increasing demand for high quality project planning and controls professionals, the need for effective training in these areas has never been more important. In many industries, especially those working on relatively small scale projects, project planning and controls is typically incorporated into the project manager’s role. However for industries such as construction, engineering, and those managing large scale or highly complex projects, having a dedicated project planning and controls team can be invaluable to achieving project success.

As an organisation that frequently works on extremely large and very complex projects, Thales UK fully recognises the importance of having a team of specialists in the area of project planning and control. But they also appreciate that in order to have a team of experts in this field, it is imperative for the organisation to support individuals in their professional development. It is for this reason that Thales UK is excited to announce that the first Project Planning and Control Certification programme was a great success.

Attended by nine PMO Specialists performing different roles from across the businesses, the five day APMG Accredited course offers individuals the fundamental skills required for effective project planning and control, alongside many other skills necessary for success in a PMO. The programme covers a range of topics, and culminates in an exam assessing four sections; Definition, Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring & Control. With all of the cohort passing the exam Thales UK were extremely pleased with the result, and excited about the positive benefits this is will have on the effectiveness of their PMO:

“Using the APMG International Syllabus and covering both Foundation and Practitioner level exams, adds a complementary external certification to our own Competency Framework as a ground-breaking professionalisation option now available to this UK community of 150+ specialists.

Primary benefits aim to improve our successful delivery of Bids and Projects through increased knowledge, robust understanding and appropriate use of practical techniques, equally positioned alongside the opportunity for personal development.

John Peters, Head of PMO at Thales UK

Traditionally project planning and control has not been viewed as a discipline it itself, however with the evolution of project management profession and the growing remit assigned to the PMO, the need for more distinct disciplines is quickly coming to the forefront, and the having staff with specialist qualifications and expertise is becoming increasingly important for project success. The outcomes achieved by Thales UK are just one example of organisations taking a proactive approach to PMO development; more are sure to follow their example.

PPCTo find out more about the Project Planing & Control course, or to book your place, visit the course page.