As a business, regardless of the industry you work in or the size of your operation, people are, and always will be, the most valuable asset you have.

To fully unlock the potential of your staff, however, you need great leaders – confident, visionary people who are able to inspire brilliance and bring the best out of raw talent.

But a worryingly large number of organisations are simply not able to fulfil leadership requirements, with 60% reporting a shortage of leadership talent and only 36% feeling prepared to fill vacancies at this level.

Why is it so hard to attract and develop excellent leaders? Are they really that rare? Perhaps the underlying problem is a lack of understanding when it comes to what an effective leader actually looks like – the traits they possess which enable them to spark success in those who work for them.

Whether you are an individual looking to develop your own leadership capability, or a business in need of strong talent at the top, this infographic shows you seven powerful traits that every great leader should have. Visit Insight Hub, our dedicated section containing all our useful Guides, White Papers and Insights.