Understanding the World of Project Management

The world of Project Management

There are a lot of misconceptions about the world of project management; the idea that you have to be a project manager to work in the field, for example, or that you have to be accredited to do so. But in reality project management is a vast field covering a huge spectrum of different skills, job roles and capabilities, and it’s because of this fact that there remains a great deal of misunderstanding about what is actually involved.

Within a project office there will be multiple teams and many different job roles and responsibilities, and not all of these will be directly related to project management. To help demystify the intriguing world of the project management office we have been inspired to start of blog series looking at the different roles commonly found in the PMO. While some of them, e.g. project manager and planner, may be familiar, there are others that you may not have expected to be related to project management.  Some you may not have even heard of before. But with experts predicting a huge rise in demand within PM in the coming years, it’s likely that more and more people will become interested in project management roles. It’s therefore vital that before jumping into the world of project management, people understand what is involved and the diverse range of roles they could fulfil to work within the field. Working in project management isn’t the same as being a project manager, and you might be surprised when you find out what else there is on offer.

Our next blog will be released in February, looking at the role of the Project Manager. If you’ve got any questions about project managers you’d like the answer to, or anything specific you’d like to know, get in touch and we’ll make sure we include it in the blog.