Outsourcing non-technical training

TLD was chosen to work alongside the internal training department to manage the development courses that would help employees become more proficient in using and developing soft skills in the workplace.

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Working alongside the internal training department

Johnson Controls helps its clients to increase not just the efficiency but effectiveness of global property portfolios in pursuit of business goals. It manages close to 150 million sqm of space, offering a single-source of expertise in real estate portfolio management, design and construction, strategic workplace consulting, energy and facilities management. In the UK, Johnson Controls customers include the BBC, BP, Boots, IBM and Barclays.

Johnson Controls is geographically dispersed across the UK in a number of different offices, from Scotland down to Devon. The internal training department provides a number of technical courses for its employees to ensure they are fully trained in the specific aspects of the business, so they can deliver a high level of service to its customers. In addition to this, Johnson Controls recognises the value in ensuring employees have access to training that develops softer skills such as time management, building positive relationships, team building, and presentation skills.

To enable them to provide a dual learning and development programme that consisted of technical and non-technical training, the company looked to outsource an element of its non-technical training to an external provider. This was largely motivated by the need to focus internal resources on business specific training, and because the team felt that TL&D had the capability to provide consistent support in key areas of people development.

TL&D was chosen to work alongside the internal training department to manage the development courses that would help employees become more proficient in using and developing soft skills in the workplace. One of the key motivations for choosing TL&D was its open programme offering.




Working alongside the internal training department

Johnson Controls has benefited in a number of ways from working alongside TLD. The internal training team has become more efficient in completing projects and setting up new initiatives, as the administrative burden associated with the key programme TLD provides has been taken away. The long-standing relationship means that employees are confident and content with the training on offer and can approach TLD directly if they want to enrol in a course. If a line manager identifies an area within their team that they feel could be improved by enrolling employees on a training course, then they can approach TLD directly to make this happen.

TLD proactively ensures that Johnson Controls is kept up to date regularly with the training activity, and the overall programme is discussed at an annual review. TLD supports Johnson Controls in measuring the return on investment of the training budget, something that the training team feels has added to the service that TLD provide. After every learning and development course, a post three-month form is completed to address how the course has impacted the individuals day-to-day work life and if the skills taught have been implemented into the workplace.

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