Microsoft PowerPoint Courses

Microsoft PowerPoint Courses

Microsoft PowerPoint: is a presentation software tool that enables users to create stunning, professional-looking presentations using text, graphics and animation. 



PowerPoint Expert – Media Master Class

Our Expert course looks at a range of innovative techniques to enhance your presentations. Aimed at advanced users, it incorporates animations, eye catching advanced graphics and using media to make slides slick and seamless.

This course is designed for existing users of PowerPoint who have attended Module 1 or have equivalent knowledge. Delegates should know how to create a PowerPoint presentation and slide master and use basic shapes, SmartArt and slide formatting.


What’s New in Powerpoint 2013 – Online Training Course

Are you planning on upgrading from Office 2000 or 2003 up to the latest version: 2013? Or have you recently moved up to this version from these earlier versions up to 2013 and are a bit confused by all the new features and the new Ribbon interface? Or perhaps you have been using 2007 or 2010 and are just interested in seeing what’s new?

Then this course will give you a basic overview of PowerPoint 2013 and introduce some of the great new features that have been introduced.


PowerPoint Module 1 – Creating Professional Presentations

Module 1 – Creating Professional Presentations course highlights the key features of PowerPoint that need to be mastered for a truly professional-looking presentation. The course includes tips on fast ways of getting the best results, and advice on presentation colours, content and delivery techniques.

This course is designed for either new users of PowerPoint or those who have dabbled and can create basic presentations. You should have an understanding of common software operations such as open, save, copy and paste.


Powerful Presentations Using PowerPoint

Our Powerful Presentations course focuses on improving personal style as well as improving the style of PowerPoint slides to deliver more impact.

This course is designed for inexperienced or novice presenters who wish to build their confidence in delivering presentations to groups.