VBA in Excel Course: Part 2 – Spreadsheet Developer

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Course description

On this second instalment of our VBA in Excel programmes, we show you advanced techniques for those who want to learn some of the more powerful functions VBA is capable of, and how it can be used to create automated solutions.

Is it right for me?

Our VBA in Excel Part 2 course covers more advanced techniques for existing users who need to know more about what is available and how to use VBA to create automated solutions.

This course is designed for those who are already creating VBA code. You must have either attended the VBA in Excel – Part 1 course or have equivalent knowledge.

What will I get out of it?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use arrays to store and re-use data
  • Use objects within the Excel Data Model to manipulate information
  • Write file search routines
  • Create functions
  • Create complex user forms

Explained things in a way that easy to understand. Very happy with the course content, teaching method and the building facilities.

Programme Administrator, Arinc

What does it cover?

  • The LIKE function
  • The VAL function
  • Case functions
  • Trim functions
  • Text functions
  • Date functions
  • Using Excel functions in VBA
  • Creating arrays
  • Using arrays
  • Single and multi dimensional arrays
  • Static VS dynamic arrays
  • The object browser
  • Collections
  • Creating object variables
  • Setting object variables
  • Creating range objects
  • Passing data between range objects and arrays
  • The For Each . . . Next Loop
  • The worksheets collection
  • The sheets collection
  • Using Typename
  • The workbooks object
  • The DIR function
  • Searching for files and folders
  • The charts collection
  • Adding charts
  • Amending charts
  • Creating functions
  • Adding arguments
  • Calling functions
  • The Pivot Tables collection
  • The Pivot Cache
  • The Pivot Fields collection
  • The Pivot Items collection
  • Excel default information
  • Display/alerts
  • Screen updating
  • Status bar
  • On Time
  • Using Wait
  • Showing dialog boxes
  • Using dialog boxes
  • Using combo boxes
  • Using check boxes
  • Creating and using option groups
  • Form interaction
  • Multi page controls
  • Tab strips
  • Progress bar
  • Spin button
  • Calendar

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Course leader

Richard Harker

Technical & Digital Learning Consultant

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