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Course description

Effective business report writing is an essential part of working life for many people, but some struggle with the process or find it frustrating. Using a systematic and structured approach can dramatically enhance the efficiency and quality of your report writing. 

We look at the purpose of business reports, and show you a number of key techniques for successful report writing – from planning and preparation, to structure and style. We also help you create a personal action plan that you can take back to the workplace.

Is it right for me?

Whatever your role or level within your organisation – if you need to improve the way to plan and structure business reports, this online training course will enable you to achieve that. 

What will I get out of it?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use a systematic approach for report writing that can be applied to all documents
  • Structure a report and present a professional business case
  • Adopt the correct and appropriate tone for report writing
  • Apply the essential standards of stylish writing
  • Action planning for improving future reports

The pace of the training was good and he kept us on target and on the ball. His knowledge was good and came across very well.

Dolphin Geophysical

What does it cover?

  • Preparing your business case
  • Setting the scene for decision making
  • Routine, narrative, interpretative and justification reports
  • The scope of the report
  • How to organise your research
  • Standard formats for numbering, sectioning, chapters and appendices
  • Dealing with summaries, recommendations and conclusions
  • The layout of the report
  • Using grammar effectively
  • Editing the report, making sure it is clear and concise
  • Reviewing punctuation and spelling
  • How to review and improve the tone of a report

Book this course

Course leader

Mark Eagle

L&D Consultant

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