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Course description

Strong communication skills are essential for anyone wanting to engage with customers, suppliers or colleagues and achieve success in the workplace. 

We look at the importance of effective communication – visual, vocal and verbal – and show you some key skills and techniques that you can integrate with you own communication style and take back to the workplace.

Is it right for me?

If your role requires you to interact with others, this communication skills training course will enhance your fundamental communication skills and enable you to engage with people more effectively.

What will I get out of it?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify your own communication style and that of others
  • Recognise your own behaviours and how to improve upon them
  • Communicate more effectively using visual, vocal and verbal messages
  • Use key communication skills to enhance your success as a communicator

Excellent trainer and very professional and personable.  Great course which I recommend strongly.

Sales & Service Director, Jeppensen UK Ltd

What does it cover?

  • Breaking down the communication process into six stages
  • Practising the process
  • Identifying barriers to effective communication
  • Finding ways to overcome the barrier
  • Identifying when and how to use the various methods for maximum effectiveness
  • Identifying how we communicate
  • Recognising the importance and impact of non verbal communication
  • Using visual and vocal elements to enhance communication
  • Recognising poor listening habits
  • Using effective listening techniques to improve communication
  • Practising the ‘funnel’ questioning technique to gain accurate and useful information
  • Exploring the different methods for giving feedback
  • Tips for giving constructive feedback using the BOOST model
  • How to elicit and receive feedback
  • Using the theory of Meredith Belbin to identify team roles
  • Recognising the different types of meetings, their purpose and how to prepare
  • Managing your own contribution and effectiveness in meetings

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Course leader

Matt Driscoll

Course Leader

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