Graduate Development Solution

Our Graduate Development Solution is a bespoke programme designed to accommodate your business needs. Graduates are an extremely valuable asset to any organisation providing they are offered the right development and progression opportunities, and with many organisations facing issues relating to knowledge transfer and succession planning, developing a successful graduate scheme has never been more vital. The aim of our Graduate Development Solution is therefore to help your identify and implement to most effective approach to graduate development in your business. Our modular approach ensures you are able to access the services you need without paying for the ones you don’t. It’s an extremely flexible and collaborative approach to graduate recruitment that works for your business because it’s based around you.

Who’s it for?

The programme can be implemented within any organisation, whether you already have a scheme in place and are looking to update it, or you are considering implementing one and are seeking support in order to do so. We have designed the programme to be a modular approach which allows us to provide the specific services needed by different organisations. For those businesses that already have graduate schemes in place, they may only require support in delivery of the programme or guidance on effective evaluation, for example. Alternatively those organisations looking to implement their inaugural graduate scheme may wish to utilise all of our expertise to enable them to create a programme that is fully aligned with their needs.  Our approach has been developed to enable us to support any organisation no matter the size, industry or sector.

Why it works

Our Graduate Development Solution works because it is based on the needs of your business. We work in partnership with you every step of the way; utilising our expertise and knowledge to find the best solution for you. Our intention is not to tell you how your graduate scheme should look or be run, it is to support you in identifying the most effective approach to meet your objectives.  If you’d like to see an example of a the work we’ve done supporting businesses in developing their graduate solutions, please visit out case studies page.

What We Offer

The information below details the different modules available to support your graduate scheme. They can be implemented as individual solutions to address specific areas of need or combined to create a comprehensive and complete graduate development plan for your business.

1. Consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy module is about exploring what you need; it is where we combine our expertise with yours to fully understand the objectives and desired outcomes with regards to your graduate programme. Issues that might be covered during the consultancy phase include:

  • The purpose of graduate development in your organisation
  • Age demographics, linked to knowledge management & workforce planning
  • Expectations of graduates
  • External competitor/best in class benchmarking
  • Vision/objectives for your graduate development programme
  • Graduates vs. apprentices and/or other young professionals – deciding what works for your organisation
  • Dimensions of the development programme – e.g. technical ability vs. behaviours
  • Deciding if the programme should be centrally directed or more individual self-service?

It is all about helping you to understand what will make your graduate scheme a success, and ensure it not only supports the development of your graduate employees but also the wider business.

2. Assessment Centres

Once a business has clearly defined their desired outcomes and expectations for their graduate scheme, the next area of concern is how to attract and recruit individuals that meet these criteria. Our assessment solution is designed to help businesses identify the best candidates for their organisation, looking at not only technical skills and experience, but also assessing behaviours and ensuring their values are aligned to yours. To achieve this we will use your business strategy to design and implement the most effective assessment processes. Areas that we can offer support on include:

  • Design and delivery of assessment centres for new graduates
  • Competency frameworks
  • Competency based interviews
  • Business case based exercises
  • Business simulations
  • Team exercises
  • Final assessment of all candidates

The identification of the right people is an essential element in ensuring a successful partnership between you and your graduates, and we have the expertise to support this process.

3. Programme Design           

By incorporating and understanding the strategic vision of your business, we can help you design a programme that will help achieve it. We will accomplish this by helping you decide the key priorities for you graduate scheme which may include:

  • Technical focused development
  • Behavioural focused development
  • A combined approach
  • Curriculum development specific for graduates

The design of your programme will be fully tailored according to overall vision of your business and your objectives for your graduate scheme.

4. Programme Delivery

As experts in learning and development we have exceptional insight into how to make learning impactful, engaging and successful. Combining a deep understanding of what you want to achieve with our expertise in L&D, we can ensure the programme you run has the maximum possible benefit to your graduates and your business. Our delivery methods are extensive and include:

  • Interactive workshops
  • Bite sized sessions
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Virtual learning
  • Self-directed learning
  • E-learning and mobile learning
  • Onsite and offsite options
  • Action learning
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • 360 feedback
  • Development Centres
  • Direct delivery or delivery via our expert learning partners

Depending on your needs and resources we can utilise any of the above to ensure the potential of your graduates is fully met, and that upon entry to the wider business they are prepared for full immersion.

5. Programme Evaluation

We understand that when you are investing your money into anything, whether a graduate scheme or a new product offering, evaluation is a vital aspect of assessing and protecting that investment. Whether you chose to invest in our Graduate Development Solution or want to know how impactful your current scheme is, we want you to be able to clearly demonstrate the impact of your investment. As such we can offer support in areas such as:

6. Metrics to measure ROI:

  • Career growth
  • Retention rates during and post programme
  • Engagement survey results
  • HR metrics
  • 360 feedback

7. Measuring Return on Expectations

  • Focus groups with key stakeholders to determine the expected levels of performance and behaviours of graduates
  • Measuring the impact of the programme against these expectations

Our evaluation module is an extremely important part of what we offer in our Graduate Development Solution, and we will tailor it to your needs to ensure you have the data you need to assess the success of your programme. We can assist in the development and delivery of evaluations at any point to allow you to amend or modify your programme as needed and maximise your investment.

To discuss your graduate development needs, please give one of our team a call on 0800 163 469