Courses and tailored programmes to improve relationships at work

The success of an organisation can often be defined by the working relationships of its people. Good working relationships should occur between employees and managers. A positive approach will create a good working environment that will impact on how your customers view your business and the service it provides. Thales Learning & Development delivers a range of courses and tailored programmes that help to improve relationships at work.


Building Positive Relationships

Our Building Positive Relationships course enables participants to practise, by means of personal insight and self-assessment, the necessary skills and techniques to ensure successful outcomes can be achieved within the workplace.

This course is designed for managers or professional staff who need to build positive relationships with others.


The Art of Influence & Conflict Management

Our Art of Influence and Conflict Management programme is intended to be an exciting and highly interactive course. Day 1 focuses on established theory, as well as introducing new techniques. Day 2 focuses on putting those theories and techniques into practice by using a team of actors (that you get to direct!) on a variety of approaches with colleagues, suppliers and customers, followed by affirming individual practice.|You participate in a safe, informal and relaxed environment where, on day 2, you can instantly see the results of your actions.