Project Kick-Off and Team Charters

At Thales Learning and Development we understand teams; we know what makes a team truly great and we want to help every team (and individual member) achieve their goals.

So what does make a team great? The people in it obviously make a difference and the level of skills that each one holds; but what makes a team truly great is the ability to work in harmony towards the same goal. But if this harmony doesn’t already exist within a team then is it too late to change? Is the team doomed to failure? Thankfully the answer is no. It’s just a case of helping that team break down barriers, improve communication and establish a unified goal, and that is the purpose of our Project Kick-Off and Team Charter programme.


1 to 2 days, depending on the nature of the project, objectives of the event and number of participants.

Is it right for me?

The programme is designed for project teams who are looking to kick off their projects with a team charter, teams looking to re-establish unity, and those that are coming together for the first time.

What Will I Get Out Of It?

The purpose of the programme is to ensure that the team who are going to be working together have an agreed sense of purpose, a clear set of values and an agreed team behaviour charter that they all sign up to. The value behind this exercise cannot be underestimated. It is critical that the team agree the way forward for the future as one team – they will be encouraged to hold each other to account when the pressure is on and when there is a tendency for standards of agreed team behaviours to slip. It is also an excellent opportunity for the team to get to know about each other – their strengths, areas for development and personal preferences. This understanding helps to minimise any conflicts that might otherwise occur between different personalities in the team.  The development of a Team Charter at the end of the session helps support teams in maintaining the momentum built during the kick-off phase. 

What Does It Cover?

The session content will be dependent on the nature of the team or project, objectives for the event, as agreed with key stakeholders, and the number of participants. We recommend a scoping conversation with the key stakeholders, including project sponsor, to define the objectives for the session. However, typically, the session would cover a range of clearly defined areas from the following:

  • Project sponsor introduction
  • Team icebreaker – introductory exercises to allow the team to understand how individuals (and the team) prefer to function
  • Challenges and mitigation – current challenges and how to resolve these
  • Agreeing ways of working – operating models, operating structures, reporting structures, meeting guidelines and frequency
  • Agreed sense of purpose for the project
  • Agreed set of values for the project team
  • Agreed team behaviour charter
  • Team effectiveness – theories and models
  • Team effectiveness in action – active exercises to learn how well the team functions and what it needs to develop to become more effective
  • Granting permission to give and receive feedback to each other as a project team
  • Multicultural awareness
  • Guest speakers – experts from different fields to talk over dinner about their experiences and how this might relate to the project team
  • Evening dinner as a way to build relationships
  • Lessons learned to be presented to project sponsor
  • Project sponsor close

Training Programmes to enhance and push your career forward

Our Project Kick-Off and Team Charter events are designed to help teams come together and establish a sense of cohesion that will enable effective working going forward. It considers the needs of the individuals and the wider team to ensure that the strengths and skills within a team are maximised, and that any challenges become transparent and are addressed. This approach helps encourage improved communication, team work and collaboration, higher productivity, and the ability to meet objectives with fewer challenges.  For more information on the work we’ve done supporting Project Kick-offs, please visit our case studies page.

Tailored Training Courses

Due to the fact that every team is different we tailor all of our Project Kick-Off and Team Charter events to the explicit needs of each team. By understanding their unique objectives, working environment and values, we are able to deliver bespoke interventions that reflect these areas, and ensure the event is relevant, impactful and engaging.

Qualified Trainers

All of the consultants that facilitate Project Kick-Off and Team Charter events have real world experience in managing and being part of a team. As such they have genuine insight into the challenges a team may be facing. Combining this first-hand experience with extensive knowledge of theoretical models and methodologies, which are proven to enable more effective team work, our team are able to deliver programmes that have real impact.