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Working effectively in projects is about so much more than being a qualified project manager.  No matter which project you are working on there are a lot of different people involved and the skills to drive and motivate the team is key.   Inadequately trained Project Managers is one of the top reasons for failure in projects, highlighting that often the technical skills possessed by those in do not always match up with the soft skills required to run projects effectively.  This has been an issue faced by project management teams for some time, but is becoming more evident as the field of project management continues to evolve and the roles of project team members shifts considerably.  So what skills do you need to work effectively in projects?


  • Stakeholder Management: A project involves many different stakeholders with varying levels of interest and influence on your project, knowing how to manage these effectively can be crucial to project success.
  • Communication: Miscommunication is a common issue in projects of all sizes, causing frustration and misunderstanding.  Good communication skills can help avoid these issues ever occurring
  • Leadership: Being able to lead, motivate and support your team is one of the most vital things you can learn in order to work effectively in projects.
  • Conflict resolution: Disagreements happen and being able to resolve them fairly and diplomatically will help ensure your project doesn’t get derailed too severely
  • Building relationships and working with others: You cannot run an effective project without involving other people and we are all different, taking time to understand your teams views and appreciate their input will help projects run smoothly
  • Resilience: It is an inevitable fact that no matter how well you plan, things will go wrong.  Developing resilience is essential to ensure you are able to pick yourself up and carry on.
  • Innovation and problem solving: When things go wrong, if you can innovate and come up with new solutions rapidly, then damage to your project will be minimal.

Tailored project management training courses

Any programme we run for you can be fully tailored to meet your requirements.  We have a wealth of knowledge across many industry sectors and can balance the technical project management skills with the softer side of behavioural training.  By fully engaging with your organisation right from project initiation we can support with project kick off events to ensure your projects start on the right footing, including helping to support building project charters and engaging all project team members right from the off.

Qualified trainers

Our learning and development consultants have extensive industry experience working with project teams and supporting people development.  They understand what teams need to do in order to promote high performance across an organisation and they deliver an impactful learning experience that draws upon real-world project management issues they have encountered in throughout their own careers.