Now that you know each type of traffic, I can start helping you attract each one of them to your website in the best way.

To generate organic traffic, you need to work only on the quality of your content. It may seem like a simple instruction, right? But this technique is composed of small details that make all the difference, so pay attention to each step, all are essential to your success.

Importance of SEO for Your Content

SEO is a set of techniques that aims to improve your ranking on Google and, consequently, attract more visitors to your website.

A good positioning in the main search engines is a powerful differential in attracting customers. The easier your post is to find and the more obviously it expresses that it is an infallible solution, the more chances are that the public will access it.

How to Make Your Website First on Google

To take your site to the first pages of Google, you need to follow some requirements that make the post more attractive to the search engine, so that it delivers your content as the most concrete and explanatory answer.

Searching for the top ranking in Google is still one of the most effective practices when it comes to increasing organic traffic to your site. It is a kind of very fierce competition between different pages, so you need to understand well what your audience is looking for to be the best and deliver exactly what they want.


The keyword is the term that the user will use to find your post in search engines. Therefore, you need to know what your audience is looking for, translate this problem into words and deliver the solution in attractive content for the customer and Google.

The relevance of your page gains power when the keyword is used in the best way. It must be in the title of your page, as well as in the URL and also spread throughout the text.

This does not mean that for every 3 words, 4 are the keyword. Remember that in addition to being attractive, the content must have quality , that is, work on the keyword so that it enriches your text. Check out some practical tips on how you can use it:

  • At the beginning of the first paragraph of your text;
  • In tags that organize your content;
  • In the subtitles of the article;
  • In the meta description that presents your article to the user on Google.

Link Building

Getting links to increase the relevance of your site is like putting together several letters of recommendation throughout your professional career. Doors open more easily when someone you trust praises your work, doesn’t it?

The link building works almost as well! The technique consists of including links from other sites in your article or being included in posts from others. Google analyzes the presence of reliable links as a requirement to move up in the rankings, which is extremely positive.

However, you need to work with pages that have credibility and can benefit your brand. A link in a low quality article on a poorly presented website can end up tarnishing your name too!

For example; You can’t just link from a website about doll houses for kids to a website about cars or vice versa without making it relevant. You surely can link like that just straight away but it won’t work. You have to make the 2 pieces of content relevant and connected to each other in some way. “The other day I was buying a new houten poppenhuis for my daughter but it did not fit in my cars’ trunk, so I had to hire a van instead to bring it to my home!”. As you can see you now have a sentence that is relevant to both queries and it makes sense to link between them, or at least it’s very possible now.

Good content is also indispensable for successful link building. Include links only when they make sense to read, when they offer something that complements your explanation, and not just to attract clicks.

Optimizing Your Title

The title should be the perfect phrase to win over your audience. There are no second chances, if your title doesn’t say exactly what the user wants, it won’t even give you an opportunity to access your content.
Even among professionals, creating an ideal title can be complicated, but there are essential tips that can help you create an impossible call to resist.

  • Use the keyword, preferably at the beginning of the sentence;
  • If possible, use numbers and present your content as a list of tips or solutions;
  • Give preference to the imperative form of the verb, it inspires confidence and security to the user;
  • Do not overdo the size, keep your title always objective.

If your title has at least intrigued the visitor, the meta description should be the final blow to convince them that you have the best answers to the problem you need to solve.

The meta description is the short text used by Google to explain the purpose of your article in searches.

It is important that you also insert your keyword in this part of your post. Remember that the more it appears (intelligently), the easier it becomes to find your page.

The description needs to be brief, intriguing and explanatory at the same time. Explain in a few words the subject that you will discuss in detail in your article, so the visitor knows what will be presented to him but will still be curious to see what else he can learn from it.

If you don’t include the meta description on your page, Google automatically collects a portion of your text and presents it as a description. This may not always be good, as it gives the type of information that the public needs to be convinced of the quality of its content.

Social Media Sharing

The social networks are the places where most of the audience spends more time, and it is there that they consume news, entertainment and even products. Therefore, it is necessary that you insert and work to disseminate your content in this powerful place.

It is interesting to publish your content in different formats to attract different types of visitors.

Produce introductory calls for those who are interested in reading. Create dynamic images and infographics for those who like to share and even edit short and explanatory videos about your post, always including the link to your page in the description.

Social networks reach a large number of potential visitors to the site, do not think twice before using the tools at your disposal to win them over where they most seek information.