There is much more to invest than just money in a campaign to increase paid traffic. Although this type of traffic alone does not require a series of techniques and rules for improving content, there are still practical details that can make all the difference in its dissemination.

You need to be fully involved and interested in your strategy so that it can shine. It’s not just about providing the money and waiting for a miracle to happen, you need to always be one step ahead and ready to give what your customer needs.

Importance of Adwords for Marketing Strategies

The Google Adwords is considered one of the most important tools of online Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. If applied wisely, it can become a fixed piece in your campaigns.

The platform allows you to advertise your page not only on Google, but also on YouTube and Google partner portals. Just as an ad appears in different locations, it can also take different formats, from text calls to short video commercials.

Are you ready to take another step towards digital success? Then check out the surefire tips I selected to structure a successful paid campaign.

Initial Campaign Settings

Before venturing out, you need to have your ideas and goals very well outlined so you don’t get lost in the services offered by this extremely broad tool.

Don’t forget that a poorly structured campaign can backfire and only result in losses. First, you need to understand that your ad can be linked across two different networks:

Search Network

Ads are shown on Google search pages when they match the keyword used by the user. Generally, the pages appear right at the top of the page, which guarantees a large number of accesses.
Display network

This type of campaign is advertised on Google partner sites, such as major news portals (G1, Estadão, etc.) and also blogs associated with AdSense.

In this modality, it is possible to choose in which vehicle the call will be published, and it usually has some connection with the main content of the page. For example, if your ad is about a chocolate cake, it will most likely run in a cooking post.

Definition of Keywords to be Worked

At this point in the championship, you already know the type of keyword that carries the essence of your website, right?

In AdWords, it is possible for you to register a series of terms that connect the visitor to your content. So it is important to analyze your topic and search for words corresponding to the main idea of ​​your posts.

Analyze your main keyword’s search trends : how many people searched for this term? What do your competitors offer to the public?

It is possible that you will find other words and terms that are more sought after and less competitive that multiply your chance of being the main choice of the user.

Optimizing Your Campaign

To create an objective and foolproof ad, you need to have your product and customer very well defined.

Google imposes a character limit for each ad format, so you need to get your message across as clearly and simply as possible. Remember that even those who do not have the profile of your target audience can reach the campaign, and they also need to understand your strategy. Of course, a good ad is just the customer’s gateway to your brand, so don’t think he’ll work miracles on his own! Also take care of the look and content of your website to gain the visitor’s ultimate trust.

Analysis of Your Adwords Campaign Results

According to the results you receive, your campaign needs to transform and adapt to attract a new audience reach that your ad has not yet achieved.

In addition, Google may deactivate your ad if it no longer meets quality standards or if a competitor posts something that exceeds your strategy.

Always pay attention to the numbers and be sure to always seek more information about the consumption habits of your audience, knowing a little more about the customer is never too much!