The word viral is used quite frequently to characterize videos and images that cause a great impact on the internet. When we talk about viral traffic, we think of techniques that can help you spread your site as quickly as social media content multiplies through sharing.

It’s not an easy task, but if you’ve made it this far, it’s because you’re really willing to take your site to the next level! Check out the next 6 tips that can help your planning.

Focus on the Sales Cycle of Your Product or Service

Each step of the customer until the purchase of your product or service is considered an essential step in the sales cycle .

Assembling this map of the public’s path until it reaches you allows you to look at the process as a whole and also be able to assess each of the phases in which it needs to go.

Have you ever imagined knowing the exact moment when you should contact the customer? Or introduce you to another product or service from your organization? The sales cycle can offer that kind of insight to you!

Share Your Content

It may seem like a simple tip, but it is essential for a strategy to attract visitors: share your website content wherever you can.

Social networks, partner sites and even “word of mouth” with business cards. Spread your brand name and mission wherever you can, because no one will do it for your business unless they start with you.

Understand Why People Share Specific Content

Finding out the reason behind the viralization of any post may be what you need to understand what is missing for your post to hit the internet!

For example, it is common to see videos of absurd pranks going viral on the social network. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Is it because it is funny or shocking? Or does it simply fulfill the role of entertaining and starting a conversation between people?

Start to question your friends’ behavior on the internet more and then transfer this analysis to your client’s habits . That’s all you need to build a targeted and engaging campaign.

Use the Unexpected

A touch of innovation is always a differential, especially when we think about the internet, which is a scenario that lives in constant transformation.

Do not settle for just following the “cake recipe” that we offer you for success. Add a touch of crazy ideas and always think about being ahead of all competitors.

As I mentioned, the internet is always changing, and that means it is also offering you new tools to use to your advantage every day.

However specific and technical your product or service may be, there is always a way to use creativity to advertise it in a way that has never been done before, and I know you have the potential for that!

Work Your Relevance

If you’ve made it this far, you know how being among the top positions in the Google ranking is essential to increase your visibility. This is also an important factor for your content to go viral positively.

Let’s assume that your site talks about cakes and on a certain day, the 9 pm soap opera makes a scene with a cake that makes everyone’s mouth water. On that day, everyone decides to search for “cake recipe” on Google and its content is the first to appear in the search.

In addition to getting more prominence for being at the very beginning of the search, your brand also gains credibility for being in that place, since most people trust Google’s criteria to find concrete and reliable information.

Be patient!

Unfortunately, the results do not come overnight. The process takes time and shows differences gradually, so patience needs to be your greatest virtue to face this cycle in the best way.

Do not think that because a particular ad did not yield the alarming numbers that you expected it is a failure. Stop to analyze it, consider what you can do differently next time and, above all, don’t give up.

Spreading your brand name across this open sea that is the internet is not a simple or quick task, but it is a strategy that should always be part of your business plan.