After going through all the tips you can use on your website, it’s time to understand how to read the signs and advice that the campaign results bring you.

Everything you need to adapt and innovate to make your ad a great success is hidden among the results. The numbers allow you to know more about the profile of your target audience and also of potential customers.

In order not to be left behind, you need to be prepared to flow with the constant changes of the digital environment, and it is your results that can indicate exactly how such changes affect your business.

Importance of Monitoring the Results of Your SEO Strategy and Paid Traffic

As I advised you at the beginning of the article, the best thing is that you combine your SEO strategy to increase organic traffic with paid traffic techniques. One complements the other and ensures that your website is seen by as many people as possible.

Periodic review of your paid ads is important so that you are not demoted because of a superior campaign published by a competitor. Always be studying your competitors’ habits to ensure that you remain unique and special in the public eye.

While monitoring your SEO techniques assess the quality of your content and how well it is accepted by Google and other search engines.

Remember that the first search page is your gold medal and ticket to the future, so keep an eye out for the tricks you can use to win this position. Always observe the texts that occupy this space and turn all their flaws into differentials on your page.

A / B Testing for SEO

The A / B tests allow you to compare two versions of the same element and then analyze which one can generate the results you seek.
Because this is a specific assessment that analyzes only the two versions of an element, the tests allow you to clear your doubts about specific parts of your post that may need to be changed.

For example, you decide to place a field where the visitor can register to receive your newsletter and in each version you put a different color to highlight the area. The A / B test allows you to compare the numbers of both to decide which one meets the result you envisioned.

When we talk about SEO content, it is interesting to use the tool to analyze different text formats that may be more attractive to the client or not. From the layout of images to the basic elements of the text, everything can be analyzed and generate considerable responses to your campaign. Where to do it?

Tools like Google Analytics and the Digital Results A / B Test Calculator can be a free means by which you can perform these important assessments.

Keep in mind that you can compare more than just web pages through testing, you can also analyze social networks and even emails sent to your customers using this technique.

A / B Tests for Paid Traffic

In campaigns focused on paid traffic, A / B tests can be used to identify what is missing in your ad so that it captures more visitors.

Through analysis, you may find that adding an image to your ad can double the number of hits. Have you thought? You can find the solution to your strategy’s failures within the results of it!

A / B testing can help you reduce the possibilities for ad templates and formats based on concrete numbers of conversions . If you had 15 campaign layout ideas before, evaluations can guide you to choose the one that will really bring you the most profitable results.

I already mentioned that Google can remove an ad from the air if it no longer fits the requirements, or is surpassed by a superior advertisement. So it is interesting that you carry out your tests frequently and follow the transformation of the results, it is another opportunity to study and understand the changes in your audience’s behavior. Where to do it?

For more detailed and in-depth assessments, you can opt for paid tools to perform your A / B tests.


I hope I was able to show you the various tools you can use to successfully advertise your site. Understanding what your audience is looking for and how you can deliver your product to them the way they really want is the essence of a successful campaign.

The results are not achieved overnight. The process is more complex than you think and requires a lot of commitment and patience.

Always be aware of the numbers and changes in the digital environment, these are the data that will give you the tips to keep up to date with the public’s wishes.

Do not forget that the internet is an extremely large space and that your campaign will not only reach your target audience, so you need to ensure that your content is able to conquer not only those who already know your goal but also those who came across it for the first time.