HR and L&D managers are increasingly seeing the impact that effective learning and development can bring to their organisation, particularly when the L&D strategy is fully aligned with that of the wider business (as it should be).

Our research earlier this year, however, found that budget constraint is still the most prominent hurdle when it comes to delivering L&D. Organisational buy-in also came out high, which suggests that not everyone in a business understands the true value of L&D.

Clearly there is a common difficulty being faced among L&D owners in terms of securing financial investment and business approval for learning.

Inside this guide we cover:

  • Intro
  • Explaining why L&D is a smart business choice
  • Qualifying/quantifying the value of L&D
  • The five key steps to a successful L&D proposal
  • 10 questions you need to answer ‘yes’ to
  • Contact us for further advice

Click read to open the guide in your browser and feel free to download to save for a future date. We’ll be uploading more each month so make sure you check back for the next in our series!