April/May 2016

Issue 10, published 1st April, 2016.

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In this issue:

Welcome to issue 10 of Enhance!

With the UK facing the prospect of losing approximately 30% of its workforce to retirement in the next 15 years, we explore the issue of the demographic time-bomb and discuss what businesses can do to plan and prepare for it. We also take a look at how L&D can more effectively support the latest generation of workers, and consider whether the digital approach is the best way forward for millennial development.

Also in this issue; as reports continue to flood in about the poor state of wellbeing in the UK’s workforce, we take time to sit down with Manhattan based psychotherapist, Jonathan Alpert and get his view on how businesses and individuals can promote employee wellbeing. We also explore how being self-employed can impact access to development opportunities, and we investigate some of the things entrepreneurs can do to bolster their skills and knowledge.

We hope you enjoy our latest issue of Enhance; as ever it is packed full of features, expert views and news stories from the world of L&D.


  • The Demographic Time-Bomb – The Impact and what you can do about it
  • L&D and the Board Room - Why you should have a seat
  • Wellbeing at Work – An interview with Jonathan Alpert
  • L&D and the Self Employed – Are they missing out?






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