October/November 2016

Issue 13, published 1st October, 2016.

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In this issue:

Welcome to the latest edition of Enhance!

We are now over half way through the year and as time becomes increasingly pressed for many organisations and employees we explore the idea of accelerated learning programmes and whether they are an appropriate way to help up-skill staff, or whether the slow and steady approach is still the best way.  We also consider how the use of design thinking could help L&D departments offer more innovative and effective programmes for learners, and look at some of the steps needed in order to successfully manage a multinational curriculum. 

Another key theme of this issue is learning in the engineering field.  We look at some of the key skills, aside from technical expertise, that are essential for success in the profession, and we speak with Rhys Morgan from the Royal Academy of Engineering to understand the challenges in sustaining the talent pipeline. 

We also hear from Steven Fine at Lumina to discuss the role of psychometrics in professional development, and consider how coaching can be employed more effectively in business; and of course we share all the latest news from the world of L&D.

  • The Tortoise and the Hare in L&D
  • An Interview with Rhys Morgan
  • Design Thinking in L&D
  • Getting More from Coaching
  • An Interview with Steven Fine
  • Successfully Managing a Multinational Curriculum







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