Feb 2017 / Mar 2017

Issue 15, published 1st Feb, 2017.

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In this issue:

As we kick off another year of Enhance, we focus our attention on the subject of change.  For many of us 2017 represents a year of uncertainty, with events such as the apprenticeship levy and the inauguration of a new US president just some of the major developments. 

There are also a lot of changes occurring in the world of L&D, so we explore some of the ways in which learning is evolving, the positive L&D resolutions you can make in 2017 to make it ‘the year of learning’, and how to build resilience to manage the challenge of the ‘always on era’.

We are also fortunate to be able to talk with psychology lecturer Lynsey Mahmood about her recent research into the application of mindfulness, and we take a look at the role of mobile learning in professional development and contemplate whether it could be the learning method of the future.

With the latest industry news and a debate around which is more important: Trainer or Content, and advice on getting the year off to a great start with the annual review discussion, we hope you enjoy our latest issue.

  • Mindfulness in practice – an interview with Lynsey Mahmood
  • Getting the year off to a great start
  • Mobile learning – the future of professional development?
  • The brave new world of learning
  • The importance of resilience in the ‘always on’ era
  • L&D resolutions for 2017






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