June/July 2015

Issue 6, published 1st June, 2015.

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In this issue:

The world, and everything in it, is evolving at an exponential pace, and the learning and development industry is certainly not exempt from that. This issue therefore focusses on the development of L&D practice, from 19th-century workplace training to the use of virtual reality as a learning tool in 2015 and the rising role of online social platforms such as LinkedIn.

 As always, we've included a number of interviews with key industry experts to give you original insight into these subject areas.


Our sixth issue of Enhance includes features around the following topics:

  • Virtual reality and learning
  • The history of L&D
  • Theatre as a means for developing soft skills
  • Employee surveys and avoiding disengagement
  • What the LinkedIn/lynda.com merger means for L&D







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