September/October 2015

Issue 7, published 1st September, 2015.

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In this issue:

We’re hearing a lot about the benefits of ‘Social Learning’ in the business world and felt this was an avenue worth exploring in our latest issue of Enhance. While many consider this learning practice as a digital one, the reality is that social just simply means learning through the sharing of knowledge between colleagues - something we do instinctively from birth, so why is it now having a big impact on L&D departments and being referenced together with technology? We explore this form of learning together with the impact of the more tech savvy generation coming up the career ladder on our workforce.

As always we’ve included a number of interviews with key industry experts to give you original insight into these subject areas.


Our seventh issue of Enhance includes features around the following topics:

  • Millennials managing GenX
  • The lack of confidence in L&D Technology
  • Mentor vs Coach - what’s the difference?
  • Interview with David Westwood - L&D Architect at Fusion Universal
  • Q&A on the new Thales planning apprenticeship programme & why we’re focusing on this specific group of young professionals







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