February/March 2016

Issue 9, published 1st February, 2016.

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In this issue:

Welcome to the first issue of Enhance for 2016.  With the new year now in full swing we take a look at some of the most important issues that will be impacting L&D as the year progresses. 

With many people using the start of a new year to re-evaluate their career path, we take the opportunity to discuss whether following the management pathway is always the right choice, and what the alternatives are. 

Team coaching is also on the agenda this month as we discuss how it can help create more effective teams and what might be addressed during a coaching session to encourage this to happen.  In addition to this we explore the problems around measuring the impact of L&D and speak with industry expert Jan Rijken about how professionals can become more effective in demonstrating its value for the wider business. 

As ever we have a range of features looking at the ever expanding and evolving field of L&D, helping to provide insight into how L&D can continue to contribute most effectively to organisations.


  • Deciding if the management path is right for you
  • Measuring the impact of L&D – Q&A with Jan Rijken
  • Working Effectively in Projects
  • Team Coaching
  • Hiring for Diversity of Skillset?






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