Published 13th April 2017

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The role of a Chief Learning Officer is a complex one; even if you are working in a relatively small company you are still ultimately responsible for the learning and development of the entire workforce. The complexity then grows exponentially in line with the size of the workforce, and as soon as you add in a global element, it can seem like a battle of the titans. However, if managed effectively, delivering training to a global workforce needn’t be any more challenging than working with a small regional business.

Unfortunately, due to the perceived difficulties associated with the task, it often isn’t managed effectively and rather than a global business harnessing L&D to empower their staff and drive the business forward, it can actually become detrimental to the overall performance of the company.

This guide is intended to offer insights and guidance to Chief Learning Officers (or anyone managing a global workforce) about how to effectively plan, implement and manage a training strategy for a global workforce. Admittedly there are certain barriers which can impede progress, but we will help you identify what these are in your company and how to overcome them.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How the expanding world of global business is affecting L&D
  • The most common barriers to successful global training
  • Strategies to help overcome these barriers
  • How to use technology and innovation to improve global L&D
  • Summary of top tips

Having a well-developed talent pool is the most important element of helping to achieve the long term goals and objectives of a business and by using the tips and tricks in this guide, CLOs will have a valuable arsenal of tools to ensure their L&D strategy works smoothly and brings long term benefits to the business.



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