A Practical Guide for Identifying Learning & Development Needs

Published 1st October 2014. 12 Pages.

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Getting results from L&D isn’t just about delivering great learning; it is about delivering great learning to the right people, at the right time, and in the right way. Only then will you see a significant impact.

By successfully pinpointing the type of learning that will most benefit your people, and therefore your business, you minimise the risk of failed interventions or wasted costs.

More than that, though, by analysing learning needs with your wider strategic goals in mind, the learning you deliver becomes a powerful tool for driving organisational performance.

Inside this guide we cover:

  • Introduction
  • Why identifying L&D needs is important
  • Aligning L&D needs analysis with business strategy
  • Top 10 drivers for L&D needs
  • Learning needs analysis (LNA)
  • LNA for the smaller business

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