Getting Projects Off on the Right Foot with Project Kick-Offs and Team Charters

Published 5th Jan 2017

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Getting projects off on the right foot seems like it should be simple, and it is – in theory; you simply need to make sure everyone knows what they’re doing, who’s responsible for what and when they need to do it. Yet in practice it can often seem like an overwhelming challenge; with so many different people involved, different personalities, and linked but separate objectives and deadlines, achieving harmony within a team can be tricky. Consequently the project being worked on may suffer from delays, disruption and frustration for all involved if these things aren’t in alignment from the start. It is where Project Kick-Offs, which often incorporate Team Charters, can be hugely beneficial.

In this guide we’ll explore what Project Kick-Offs and Team Charters are, and how they can be effectively implemented in a wide range of project, team and business settings to help pave the way for a smooth and cohesive team journey through the project.

You’ll learn:

  • What a Project Kick-Off is
  • The benefits of employing a Project Kick-Off approach
  • What a Team Charter is and how to build one
  • How to successfully run a Project Kick-Off event
  • When and where Project Kick-Offs can be used
  • How to maintain the success of your Project Kick-Off
  • Our top tips for running a successful event

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Download the PDF here