The Sceptic’s Guide to Learning & Development

Published 1st January 2015. 12 Pages.

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For those who have experienced the full impact that a properly planned, carefully tailored, expertly delivered learning solution is capable of, this guide may appear to be stating the obvious. Those who are slightly more sceptical of the value of L&D, however, should find it a very interesting, perhaps even surprising, read.

It is a sad fact that, historically, L&D budgets have taken the hit when it comes to organisations wanting to cut costs. The development of people is, quite inaccurately, seen as a cost without the necessary return to justify it.

This guide aims to highlight the benefits of L&D beyond ‘box tick’ training, and demonstrate why L&D should be a key strategic arm of your business.

Inside this guide we cover:

  • Why L&D is more than just a cost
  • The top 10 uses for L&D beyond simply ‘training’
  • The positive impact of L&D, in numbers
  • The top 10 objections to L&D, and their counterarguments

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