Published 27th Feb 2017

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The concept of ‘self-directed learning’ has been booming in recent years; with the limitless amount of information now available on the internet, employees are no longer waiting until they can attend a specific course of programme in order to develop the skills they desperately need. But this self-directed learning is posing a challenge to L&D teams who are often wary of its use, and uncertain about how to incorporate it into the overall business L&D strategy.

In this guide we aim to help demystify the concept of self-directed learning, exploring what it is, how it’s used and how L&D teams can best adopt this approach for the benefit of employees and the business.

In this guide you’ll learn::

  • What self-directed learning is
  • Why some people do it and others don’t
  • The benefits to the business and individuals
  • The different mediums of self-directed learning
  • The changing role of L&D in a self-directed learning context
  • How organisations can empower self-directed learning in their employees

Click read to open the guide in your browser and feel free to download and save for a future date. We’ll be uploading more each month, so make sure you check back for the next in our series!



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