Six must-haves to develop inspirational talent within your organisation

Published 17th July 2017. 16 Pages.

In this whitepaper:

Executive Summary

For centuries academics and gurus have focussed on the topic of ‘leadership’ – what it is, how to develop personal leadership skills, the styles of leadership and the impact of good leadership. From our business experience the emphasis has begun to change. Not only do we need to think about how to develop our leaders, but we need to focus on what inspiration truly is and find our inner source of inspiration to enhance our leadership capability. We will always need leaders, but leaders now, more than ever need to inspire a change weary workforce to deliver more with less. The Oxford Dictionary defines inspiration as: ‘The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative’. This paper will explore this concept, but early on we will explore why we believe that Inspirational Leadership is more than a process, and why emotion is equally important. Inspirational Leaders today must engage more than just the minds of their followers; they need to engage their hearts as well.