Managing projects with no direct reports

Published 01st Sept 2017.

In this whitepaper:

Executive Summary

Project Management Success depends on a Project Manager being able to make the best use of the processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience available to them. But have you noticed how in many of your projects the Project Manager doesn’t have all of these factors under their control, and so they have to rely on others to provide it for them? The solution required to overcome these challenges is an organisational one, and requires the development of a project structure that enables both the project and functional objectives to live side by side without adversely impacting the achievement of the other. The underlying principle that enables this to happen is one of engagement of the key project stakeholders with the project vision and objectives, and this requires leadership to provide focus and commitment to the project objectives, and to inspire the team to achieve them. Through recognising the importance of, and the application of skills such as organisation, teamwork, negotiation, communication, engagement, motivation, contextualisation, leadership and conflict resolution, and developing these competences through a targeted learning and development programme, you will be able to engage the people within the project to achieve the planned project objectives and at the same time build solid professional relationships which will benefit the wider organisation.