Unlocking ‘Totalvalue’ in Britain’s Railways

A white paper By Adrian Terry,
Head of Sales & Business Development Capability

Published 1st October 2014. 20 Pages.

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Britain’s railways face a considerable challenge to deliver more for less, to create an infrastructure fit for the future and a ‘rail system that works’. This represents what we call the ‘TotalVALUE’ challenge.

This white paper reviews some of the essential principles and issues that need to be adopted to deliver against that challenge. It integrates multiple fields of research and practice, whole systems engineering, innovation, creativity and complex problem solving.

It then looks at how ‘TotalVALUE’ is to be delivered, by people working in teams to resolve complex problems. Over a 15 month period, we worked with a major industry body developing awareness and skills to help respond to these challenges. Central to this is the use of ‘VIEW – An Assessment in Problem Solving Style™’ which sheds light on specific actions that support more effective collaboration and resolution of complex problems by reference to particular style characteristics and preferences.

In this Whitepaper, we look at:

  • Executive summary
  • Britain’s railways are at a turning point
  • The true nature of the problems
  • Principles of an effective whole system approach
  • People and complex problem solving
  • The VIEW™ – An Assessment of Problem Solving Style
  • ‘TotalVALUE’ delivery, unlocked
  • Leaders show different style bias to those responsible for delivering the change
  • Unlocking ‘TotalVALUE’ delivery, Orientation to Change™
  • There is a tendency towards External™ preference
  • Unlocking ‘TotalVALUE’ delivery, Manner of Processing™
  • There is a marked tendency towards ‘Task’ based decision-making
  • Unlocking ‘TotalVALUE’ delivery – ‘Ways of Deciding™’




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