Do you want to bring thousands of visitors to your site and finally gain the recognition you’ve always dreamed of?

The first question you ask yourself right after launching your blog is “how to advertise my website?” . Just because you are asking yourself this question and have come here to learn more, already makes you someone different on the internet.

Producing quality content is no longer enough to be classified as a relevant source to the public. You need to reach your target exactly where and when he wants to find you.

Read more on how to create an amazing blog with little time and money. It seems like a difficult mission to unravel your client’s mind like that, doesn’t it? The task is not simple, but it is nowhere near impossible! I have helped thousands of companies in Brazil and in the world to be transformed into references in the market, mainly using the tools that the internet offers.

So, I gathered a series of tips and essential information to start a successful promotion for your website and completely transform the way your audience recognizes you in the digital world. In this text, you will read:

  • Importance of promoting your website
  • Types of traffic you can generate to your website
  • Step by step on how to generate all types of traffic

I hope it helps you. Don’t forget to leave your doubt or opinion in the comments, it will be a pleasure to answer you! Good reading! Before continuing, if you want to increase your sales and know what are the best strategies to promote your online business,

Importance of Disclosing Your Site

Nowadays, disclosure is the heart of a business . It is not enough to produce the best content or product, it is necessary to make it seen by as many people as possible.
Reaching a reach range that covers more than just your target audience opens doors to win new customers. New consumers can simply “bump” on your website out there and find the solution they are looking for!

In addition to taking your product to the visitor, good publicity also has the power to add value to your brand.

A well-constructed visual identity builds an image of responsibility and credibility that sets you apart from your competitors in the market.

How to Promote My Site on Google

To start publicizing your site on Google, you need to register it in the search engine. In a few minutes, your blog is already in the Google catalog. The process is simple, just follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Go to Google in the special area to include your URL.
  2. Fill in the “URL” field with your website address and click on the “Add URL” button. The “Comments” field is not mandatory.
  3. Ready! Simple, isn’t it? If your site meets Google standards, you will receive an approval message from the process and your disclosure begins to gain power.

Types of Traffic You Can Generate to Your Website

Attracting traffic is the main objective of a publicity campaign. However, there are several types of traffic that you can generate for your website. Understanding what each of them represents and how they get to you can help to structure your planning better.

Did you know that there are at least 5 types of traffic on the internet ? The biggest and most relevant to our discussion are organic and paid , but I will also explain a little more about viral traffic , which can make all the difference in its dissemination.

Organic Traffic

Best known among all, organic traffic is attracted with the practice of ranking techniques in search engines, especially SEO . When a user does a search on Google, for example, the sites that appear on the first page are the ones that most attract this type of traffic, since they are more easily found by visitors than the content that is ranked in lower positions .

Reaching the first pages in searches requires extremely high quality content that also bears in mind most of the SEO requirements : objective title, highlighted keyword, internal and external links, etc.

Increasing your organic traffic numbers does not require payment to search engines, only the production of extremely qualified articles that bring the public all the answers they need.


Paid Traffic

Unlike organic traffic, payment is limited to any form of promotion that needs to be paid to attract a greater number of accesses. Generally, these PPC ads are paid to search engines, as it works in Google AdWords , for example. In this ad, your content gets a higher profile, regardless of ranking. That is, your post will appear more often and in positions with greater visibility.

Another source of paid traffic is social media . Sponsored publications appear more frequently to users and reach a much larger number than their followers. You may be asking yourself: is it worth investing in paid traffic? Will he really give me a considerable result? The answer is yes, but it needs to be used wisely.

It is best to work with paid traffic alongside organic traffic. Quality content aimed at organic traffic can win and retain the visitors who arrived there from paid traffic. In addition to expanding the presence of your brand in search engines and networks.

Viral Traffic

A little different from the types I introduced earlier, viral traffic comes from online generators. You register your site in one of the several viral traffic generators that exist and it does the whole service of attracting more clicks to your site.
Some are commanded by bots and generate empty visits, which only increase the numbers, without any type of interaction. However, others bring real visitors to your site and can make the spread a little more interesting.

This type of measure is suitable for new sites , which do not yet have large numbers of visits or have not yet invested in another marketing strategy , as visits serve more to spread and viralize the brand name than to do some content reading or product purchase.

The registration process at the generators varies from tool to tool, but you usually need to visit some sites that have been registered there for about 40 seconds each, and then register with the tool. It is like a network of websites that do favors for each other.