Life can be incredibly difficult for blind people. Though we have had blind people around forever, the world doesn’t seem to have catered to them too much. Though we have some things in place, such as grooves on the floor or audio options on a lot of public services, the world is not in a place where it should be when it comes to assisting the visually impaired population.

In 2022, we should be at a point where life is as easy for a blind person as it is for a seeing person, but it just isn’t. If you are a business owner, you have likely seen visually impaired people struggle to navigate your store. This can be heartbreaking to watch and you probably feel as though you should do something. Well, you can actually help your visually impaired customer, and here is how.

Floor Indications

Something that you are likely aware of is that visually impaired people rely on a stick to navigate the world. On the streets, you may have noticed grooves and other shapes on the ground and wondered what it means.

Well, each of these grooves has its own individual meaning and they help someone with visual issues navigate the world. They can simply run their stick over these bumps and this will give them a better idea of what is surrounding them and what they can expect.

If you have a store that could be difficult for customers, as it may have stairs, I would recommend getting some of these tactile surfaces put down to assist your visually impaired customers. So if you have a few steps in your store, you can put down these tactile places to indicate that. If you are not sure where you can get tactile paves created, I would recommend that you get in touch with GH Form, as they sell metal tactile paves that will last against the wear and tear and will help your visually impaired customers.


If you really want your visually impaired customer to feel more comfortable in your store, something that you could do is hire a helper to show them around the shop. Of course, not every blind person will want to use a helper when they are going around the store and many of them may be offended if you offer.

Allow them to ask themselves for assistance and if they ask then you give them help. This assistant can just help show them around the store and point them in the direction of certain items and product areas. You have to remember that blind people are just like any other person and so you will want a worker that treats them as such, as nobody likes to be babied when they are an adult.

Hiring someone with experience with blind people may be very useful, as they will know exactly how to speak to them and how to help them to the best of their ability.